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Over 25 years of Global Success ! As a trusted brand leader, Salon Selectives is recognized as one of the worlds most successful brands. Built on a strong foundation of salon quality performance, our products make everyday feel “like you just stepped out of a salon!” Our signature green apple scent is just part of our commitment to our brand, which we believe strongly represents trust, quality, and value.

We believe in environmental responsibility, supporting local businesses, and are dedicated to cruelty free initiatives. But don’t worry – we don’t think you should pay more for a clear conscience.Everyone can afford to be selective with Salon Selectives.

Salon Selectives

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At SS, we go above and beyond for our customers — offering quality service along with top of the line products for you to enjoy. SS has provided products products at unbeatable prices. 

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Main Office Address: 75 Thermos Road Scarborough, ON, M1L 4W8